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 Current Features:
  1. The maps are active

  2. Floor navigation is active

  3. Many rooms have animation

  4. All of the guest rooms are available in the Guest Rooms/Own Rooms area

  5. Water Park Pool is available from Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

  6. Club33 is available from New Orleans Square

  7. Monorails are up and running, you can go inside, but they don't take you to different lands - yet

  8. Alice and Peter Pan Dark Rides are up and running, click the turnstiles to enter them

  9. NPC's are clickable - I could use additional screen shots of sayings from them if you happen to have them - thank you

  10. The Treasure Room treasure chests do work; there is a 40% chance of winning.

  11. Christmas and Halloween skins are available on Main Street; you will need to re-enter the room to see them. If either is turned on you can also go to the Haunted Mansion Lobby to see the Mansion decked out

  12. The games that were available for prizes available to play (i.e. Monsters Door Maze, Airlock Escape, Hyperspace Mountain, Blast in Space etc.). They can be found in the Main Street Peny Arcade and the Tomorrowland Hub.
 Future Plans:
  1. My intention is to animate every room. With that in mind, there are currently over 130 rooms and each room takes a fair piece of time to animate. I have found that most people want their favorite game areas and castle forecourt working, so I will begin to concentrate on those areas

    (Please don't mail me the title of your particular favorite ;) thank you)

  2. I have captured inventory, animation, magic and more. I want them all in the kingdom at some point

  3. I am planning on building versions of Fireworks, Jungle Cruise, and Music Mixer. I will attempt Pirates and Ghosts, but they will be largely AI based, and I don't plan on making them easy to "skill" or catch. It will also be more complex and take me longer to figure out

  4. One thought was to have about 5-6 characters milling about, and then you could click on one of them...

    Whichever character you clicked on would be the active character for tasks like walking, sitting, talking, dressing, and magic etc. The others would continue to mill about and have specific areas set per room (there could even be random chatter). You could click on any of the characters to make them active and "play" with that one for a while. That is why this process will take time, but it is my new "hobby" since VMK closed

    To go beyond, there would have to be a login and database back end to store the information. Otherwise you would have to dress etc. each character each time
 Past Items Added to VMK Revisited
  • The first, or original monorail is available for you to view as well, but you will need to look for it a bit.

  • The Monorail Station has been updated to include sound and the information board.

  • The Monorail now has updated travel boards, song board, sound, and travels around the park including stops at each of the 6 lands.

  • The Monorail Music Mixer is now available to mix and listen to your songs.
    • The Save and Manage features do not currently work.

  • The Street Party Music Game is now available to mix and listen to your songs.
    • The Save and Manage features do not currently work.

  • Spell Room has been redone- I was able to rework the animation for this room to make it as magical as it has been in the past. Make certain to try the cauldron and the platforms too.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is now more or less up and running
    • The boats are not the new boats - they will be some day
    • The cut scene at the front is not in place - yet
    • The game is not playable...
    • The exit button is in place in case you want to leave early
    • The Kraken does sink a boat per scene
    • The scenes are animated
  • Tiki Tiki Tiki guest room is animated

  • Typhoon Lagoon guest room is animated

  • VMK Baseball Diamond guest room is animated

  • Waterpark Pool (Shark Reef) public area is animated

  • Your login name has been added to the dictionary

  • Space Mountain guest room is animated

  • Tomorrowland Outer Space guest room is animated
  • Tron guest room is animated

  • Discovery Island public area is animated
    • The three pirate magics are active here - please read the room description and private message on use.

  • The original Pirates of the Caribbean public area is animated
    • The instructions are new
    • Start a game to see original animations
    • The ships can rotate using the keys
    • Each ship can be selected
    • The ghost button works on all levels - I will change it to work on level 3 only later
    • Level two scenes include the sea monster, whirlpool, and ghost light
    • Level three scenes include flaming oil, cannon towers that fire, and flaming villages
    • The exit button is in place in case you want to leave early
  • The Original POTC area is animated, has instructions as well as many more features

  • Captains Quest Quarters - animated

  • Nautilus Grotto - Animated

  • Shipwreck Graveyard - Animated

  • Fun for you Dictionary Dancers

  • Autopia Quest Track - animated

  • Autopia Space Race - animated

  • Autopia Off Road on Mars - animated

  • Frontierland Dock - destination attached to the lower-right exit

  • Banquet Hall - destination altered for the upper-left exit

  • The original new player start screen is in place

  • You can log in

  • It keeps track of your name

  • NPCs now have standard scrolling chat

  • NPCs address you by name

  • Messages are stored and stacked per visit

  • Captain Blackheart can now be made to climb and descend the tree - if you know the right places to click.

  • You can type text in the text area, and it scrolls up the screen.

  • Added inventory for some items, but not all. You can only access it from the bottom navigation bar right now, but I will hook it up for the store's registers later.

  • Added a randomized transition screen to have most of the screens available from when VMK was open.

  • Added the instructions for Jungle Cruise and Fireworks. You can always "try" to play a game of Fireworks.

  • Added the instructions for Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion game.

  • Added an automatic skin changer for the Halloween and Christmas skins; when the season is upon us, you will automatically get the skins as default, but you can select any skin you want after the initial load.

  • Music downloads for all of the areas of the kingdom

  • Added screens for the Old Pirates of the Caribbean game.

  • Added two more pieces of inventory you can move and rotate happy hunting :)
    • Tiki Cooler
    • Space Ship Earth Couch
  • Added three more pieces of inventory you can move and rotate happy hunting :)
    • Castle Suite Sofa
    • Royal Thrown Pink
    • Royal Thrown Blue
  • Added two more pieces of inventory you can move and rotate happy hunting :)
    • Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Couch
    • Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Table

  • Added two more pieces of inventory you can move and rotate happy hunting :) - One of the pieces has more to it than just rotation.
    • Tiki Beach Chair
    • Tiki Radio

  • Added two more pieces of inventory you can move and rotate happy hunting :)
    • Red Holiday Chair
    • Blue Holiday Chair

  • Added more NPC phrases

  • Altered rooms with Inventory items to work better (exits included - most of this is background stuff you won't notice)

  • Removed green circle in Frontierland Hub - I am done using it now I guess :)

  • Added two more pieces of inventory you can move and rotate happy hunting :)
    • Haunted Mansion Clock
    • Gold Snowman

  • Worked more on Jungle Cruise Game, it's not up to see, but I am getting closer. Almost ready to do all of the scenes.

  • Added animation to the Guest Room Winter Wonderland.

  • Added two more pieces of inventory you can move and rotate happy hunting :) - one will be easy, the other will take more time to find.
    • Skyway Couch Blue
    • Ice Cream Cart
  • Added animation to the Guest Room Skull Rock.

  • Added animation to the Guest Room Skull Rock Holiday.

  • Added animation to the Guest Room High School Musical Gym.

  • Advancing the Jungle Cruise Game. Not ready or posted, but I have the movement of the boats completed.

  • Added animation to the Guest Room Football Field.

  • Added animation to the Guest Room Haunted Mansion Conservatory.

  • Added animation to the Guest Room Football Field Haunted Mansion Conservatory Holiday.

  • Randomized sets of posters
    added to:
    • Main Street VMK Esplanade
    • Main Street Penny Arcade
    • Main Street VMK Central
    • Main Street Sci-fi Dine In
    • New Orleans Square VMK Gallery

  • Removed the Forum

  • Added a page to the site titled
    VMK Ideas. This page has ideas and designs I had on improving existing items in VMK (and offering a solution), and the creation and design of new items when VMK was open. This is more of a Museum or history page of what I tried to do more so than anything else.

  • Oh and I added a new Logo too; probably more changes to the site's look and feel as I make it as spiffy as I want it to be.

  • I added multiple messages throughout the kingdom. most refer to special features, history, or standard feedback

  • Ok, I spent a lot of time answering email and forum questions today. I am spending a great deal of time answering the same questions that are already answered in the FAQ and Forums area. So, instead of going forward with a cool new feature, I started working on the message system to deliver messages inside the kingdom. Have fun, and I hope I can can get back to fun features soon.

  • Animation was added to the Main Street Music Game Lobby. Tile and marquee animation coming.

  • Animation was added to the Tomorrowland Inner-Space Ray Room

  • Animation was added to the Tomorrowland Inner-Space Shop

  • Animation was added to the Tomorrowland Star Traders Shop

  • Animation was added to the Tomorrowland Space Mountain Quest Deck.

  • Animation was added to the Tomorrowland Inner-Space Shrinking Machine.

  • Well, I have added one more game to the Main Street Penny Arcade. It is activated by the castle arcade machines.

  • I have been working on the Jungle Cruise game, but am not far enough along to even show it yet. Give me time

  • I have added the sound effects to the Main Street room

  • I added the Conquer the Sea game to the Discovery Island room - This game has some code inside that redirects the program to a file I don't have. It doesn't work that way when on a local machine, but as soon as it is in a web page it functions that way. I may rebuild it later, but this is toward the bottom, if not the bottom, of my list.

  • I added the Rotator Gator game to the Penny arcade. It is connected to two of the arcade cabinets that reminded me most of Marti Gras ( they are the same kind of cabinet, there are just two of them).

  • I added the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest game to the Penny Arcade. This, again, is attached to the cabinets that look most like they would have a pirate game.

  • Added a game to a room that hasn't been in VMK for some time. This game allowed you to pick up a nice room and some swashbuckling good prizes - hint hint.

  • Altered the sound track in New Orleans Square - Thanks for the heads up

  • Removed arcade cabinet in Blue Bayou by request. Looks like we will only have the cabinets in the Main Street Penny Arcade, and they will run games. More on that later.

  • from yesterday, if you didn't get the hint, go to Club33 in New Orleans Square (under the Club33 sign) and enter; these items can be moved and rotated. No they don't understand layers or occupied spaces yet, but Rome was not built in a day. ;)

  • All NPC's have been updated with new code to allow multiple responses. Multiple responses have been added for those I have. Thanks to those of you who sent additional sayings.

  • I have added 2 inventory items in a room. These items are moveable and can be rotated. I have not added my code to change the depths/layers, but I have made this code in the past. I will add it later - it is not at the top of my list.
    • Club33 Chair
    • Club33 Table

  • Added tables and the arcade table to New Orleans Square Blue Bayou

  • Added Animation to New Orleans Square Blue Bayou (water and boat)

  • Modified code to allow for more than one saying by Gator Waiter, and added a second saying as well as Gator

  • Added boats to Adventureland Explorer's Tent

  • Added boats to Adventureland Elephant Bathing Pool

  • Added boats to Adventureland Forbidden Temple

There are a total of 6 boats that change randomly (None of these are empty)

  • Added more and random boats to Adventureland Jungle Cruise Dock

  • Added more and random boats to Adventureland Tiki Tiki Tiki Room

  • Added more and random boats to Adventureland Lost Safari Party

There are a total of 7 boats in each of these scenes (2 of them are empty)

  • Added Captain Blackheart animation and multiple phrases. I can use more if you have them for all of the NPCs

  • Added Gus animation in New Orleans Square Haunted Mansion Attic
  • Added sound effects to Main Street VMK Central - Thought I had done it before, but I guess not

  • Altered code on the Frontierland Big Thunder Mountain to allow the train to run when the sound effects are turned off, and sync back up when turned on.

  • Added animation to New Orleans Square Haunted Mansion

  • Added animation to Fantasyland Courtyard - Alice and Pan ride vehicles

  • Added animation to Fantasyland Dungeon - torches

  • Added animation to Fantasyland Castle Fireworks Lobby - fireworks in background

  • Added animation to Frontierland Mark Twain Boat — Frontierland should be fully animated now

  • Added animation to Frontierland Big Thunder Mountain

  • Worked more on the character movement, but nothing to show.

  • Again, this is the BEGINNING PHASE. I have changed the title of the character to a more "generic" name.

    There is now gliding movement from point to point. I need to:
    • Make a routine to navigate around things they shouldn't walk on and to use the shortest path
    • Cut out the walk sequence for 8 directions (and the animation steps for walking) and put them in.
    • Have them recognize the end points as Normal, Exit, Sit, Que, and Teleport.
  • OK... I am in the BEGINNING PHASE of putting characters in. Yes there will be a girl, yes they will be able to move eventually, dance, magic, etc. but for now I am going through the beginning steps, so please be patient. There is one character, guess who, in the Castle Forecourt. For the time being you can roll over him and get the name and click on it to rotate it. This is a test for me, so please be patient.

  • Added animation to Frontierland Dock.

  • Added the animated version of the NPC Esmeralda

  • Added animation to Main Street VMK Central

  • Added animation to Main Street Penny Arcade

  • Added animation to the Guest Room Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor

  • Added animation to Frontierland Golden Horseshoe Mercantile

  • Added animation to Guest Room Jungle Cruise Explorer's Tent

  • Added animation to Guest Room Mad Hatter's Tea Room

  • Added animation to Frontierland Injun Joe's Cave

  • Added animation to Frontierland Big Thunder Mountain Mine

  • Added animation to Guest Rooms:

    1. Animal Kingdom Safari Lounge
    2. Blizzard Beach
    3. Boot Hill Shooting Gallery
    4. Briar Patch
    5. Epcot Entrance
    6. Expedition Everest
    7. Maleficent's Evil Fortress

  • Added animation to Frontierland Splash Mountain

  • Added animation to Frontierland Tom Sawyer's Island

  • Added music and/or sound to the following guest rooms:

    1. Football
    2. Haunted Mansion Conservatory
    3. Haunted Mansion Conservatory Holiday
    4. High School Gym
    5. Jungle Cruise Explorer's Tent
    6. Mad Hatter's Tea Room
    7. Maleficent's Evil Fortress
    8. Mark Twain Steamboat
    9. Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor
    10. Nautilus Submarine
    11. Pirate Cannon
    12. Refreshment Corner
    13. Skull Rock
    14. Skull Rock Holiday
    15. Space Mountain
    16. Tiki Tiki Tiki
    17. Tomorrowland Outer Space
    18. Tron
    19. Typhoon Lagoon
    20. Winter Wonderland
    21. VMK Baseball Diamond
  • Added a Forum area. Please be aware that your e-mail will show up, the CGI script that I am using will not allow it to be removed; my apologies.

  • Added music and/or sound to the following guest rooms:
    1. Animal Kingdom Safari Lounge
    2. Splash Mountain Bayou
    3. Blizzard Beach
    4. Boot Hill Shooting Gallery
    5. Briar Patch
    6. Caribbean Town Square
    7. Dark Ride Room
    8. Epcot Entrance
    9. Expedition Everest

  • Added music and sound to the Water Park Pool (aka Shark Reef)

  • A late addition - An old location that doesn't require a special suit to go there. You would get there the same way you used to, but it wasn't accessible the way the new area is - I hope that is cryptic enough for you.

  • Added music and/or sound to the following Tomorrowland areas:

    1. Space Mountain Quest Deck
    2. Inner-Space Shrinking Machine
    3. Inner-Space Ray Room
    4. Inner-Space Shop
    5. Autopia Quest Track
    6. Autopia Space Race
    7. Autopia Off Road on Mars
    8. Captain's Quest Quarters
    9. Nautilus Grotto
    10. Shipwreck Graveyard

    This completes the sounds for Tomorrowland. I have the Guest Rooms left for the most part

  • Added music and sound effects to Frontierland

  • Added animation to Castle Gardens

  • The Yeti has been added and animated along with the Matterhorn animation.
  • Animation has been added to the Matterhorn

  • Animation has been added to the Banquet Hall

  • Animation has been added to the Gallery

  • The last of the 38 rooms have been added to my own ride under the Friends Room area

  • Maleficent has been animated and added to the Dungeon (Long process).

  • I have also added the Tomorrowland Arcade to the Tomorrowland Hub.

  • Added sound to the Host ride

  • Added the start of my own ride to the Friends Rooms area (this is 14 rooms so far, and I have 38 total that were in this ride on VMK).

  • Well, today took some time!
    I cleaned a Ride-a-thon from recent past, and set it up as a Host event from the menu. I don't have any music in it yet, and may need a few reminders as to what music was in each room. The rooms last 12 seconds and then proceed. This is just like any other ride, you can't get on in the middle, but you won't be DC either ;)

  • Sounds for the Spell Room, Gallery

  • Sounds and Music for Castle Fireworks, Castle Gardens, Matterhorn, Dungeon, and Banquet Hall

  • This means the music and sounds for rooms in Main Street, Adventureland, Fantasyland, and New Orleans Square are done Except for the Monorail and Inner Monorail rooms

  • Updated the Pirates of the Caribbean Lobbies (both)

  • Added sound effects and music throughout New Orleans Square

  • Added sound and music to the Tomorrowland Hub

  • Some back end stuff you would never see, but takes plenty of time ;)

  • Look for the POTC Lobby one by clicking the upper left of the Queue line behind the boat from people returning from games.

  • Added the original Pirates of the Caribbean Game Lobby, but it
    is a hidden feature - good luck finding it.

  • Sword in the Stone is active

  • Carousels are animated (background)

  • Treasure Room has sounds

  • Sound in the Elephant bathing pool (trunks required)

  • Sound and some animation in the Pirate Treehouse

  • More sounds added to Adventureland - Adventureland Done with Music and Sound Effects

  • Music added to the Dark Rides

  • Turnstiles and Music added to Fantasyland Courtyard

  • Music added in parts Fantasyland

  • Sound Effects added to Main Street

  • Music added for Halloween skin

  • Music added for Christmas Skin

  • Music added for Pirates and Castle Fireworks Lobby

  • Music added for much of Adventureland

  • Setting controls - you can now turn off and on sound effects and music independently - for those that are there ;)

  • New Start load screen includes VMK logo

  • NPC's clickable now

  • Animation added to Christmas scenes on Main Street