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Please note that these images, animations, and sounds were collected, cleaned and reproduced by myself for purely entertainment and personal enjoyment purposes only. Disney retains full copyright of these pieces, and I have absolutely no affiliation with Disney Company, Virtual Magic Kingdom, etc.

These are absolutely not to be redistributed for commercial use, or any other means that would infringe on Disney's copyrights. They are strictly meant for personal, private enjoyment, in remembrance of Virtual Magic Kingdom. Any request by the copyright owners (Disney or its affiliates) to remove this content will be promptly upheld.

Please do not redistribute. Although I obviously did not create the original game, I did spend countless hours cleaning and preparing these files. Please ask before using these as a whole or in part for any use that is not specifically provided for on this site.

  Adventurland Music 14.8 mb
  Adventurland Sound Effects 35.1 mb
  Fantasyland Music 31.8 mb
  Fantasyland Sound Effects 51.5 mb
  Frontierland Music 2.47 mb
  Frontierland Sound Effects 31.1 mb


Guest Rooms 115 mb


Mainstreet Music 20.3 mb
  Mainstreet Sound Effects 36.6 mb
  Mainstreet Halloween 4.66 mb
  Mainstreet Christmas 18.5 mb
  Monorail 9.06 mb
  New Orleans Square Music 4.26 mb


New Orleans Square Sound Effects 21.4 mb


Tomorrowland Music 2.81 mb


Tomorrowland Sound Effects 30.4 mb


Opening Music 1.57 mb