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Question Can you make this a real game like VMK was? You are so close now.
  AnswerNo I can't! It would go against Disney's copyright, and I would be breaking the law.
Question Does Disney still own VMK; because they closed it down?
  AnswerYes, Disney still retains all rights and ownership of VMK.

Consider VMK to be a car:

Disney bought and paid for the car.

They put a special paint job on it, but decided not to give us rides in it anymore.

They have just parked it on the side of the road or in a garage.

Does the car still belong to Disney?

Of course it does, it's just not being used to give us fun rides any longer.

Maybe we can still have a fun ride down the road when they start driving it again. :)
Question Will the cash registers in shops ever be active so you can see all of the items that were ever for sale there?
  AnswerThe registers will be active (eventually), and I will put as much information as I can in them


Will there ever be avatars on the non-MMOG? Just doing things like sitting, walking, dancing, magic, etc?

AnswerYes eventually. I may just put in some moving avatars to make it less empty for the time being
Question How long did it take you to put it all together?
  AnswerWell I have been making it since VMK closed, but I was collecting before that, so about a month so far.
Question Are you going to make this into a game where we can talk like we did in VMK and be able to move and build and see our friends?
  AnswerThe simple answer is no. Disney holds the copyrights to all of this material. This site is just a place to remember what was, and to relive in our minds a bit. It will never be turned into and online game by me. Only Disney can turn VMK back on.
Question What tools do you use?

AnswerI use Flash for the navigation and animation, Photoshop for the graphics, and DreamWeaver for the sight pages


Is there Sound?

AnswerYes there is, more will be added as time goes by. Right now I am adding music, and will be adding sound effects too as soon as I find a reasonable sound editing program that doesn't alter the sound on save (mine is adding space in front of it which is causing issues with loops).
Question Are you going to animate room ###?

AnswerYes, I plan to have every room animated and with sound before I am done. This will include the Alice and Peter Pan Dark room rides, which are currently in place and active, just not animated.
Question Could you please add my character to room ###, or my room to the kingdom?


AnswerSorry, for the time being I have other priorities. This is possible down the road, with rooms, but I don't anticipate adding any characters other than the hosts in the near future.