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To those who still visit and still enjoy the site, I thank you.

I have once again received reports of this project being decompiled. This is something I have put a lot of work into, and will not allow to be used as someone else's project. I thank all of those who have enjoyed this project.

The current/final version will remain at VMKRevisited.com. This is supported and run by the folks at VMKMagic.com. Since conversation/mention of this site and project have been banned/censored at another site that claims to be an advocate of VMK, I would like to go ahead and give the well deserved plug to VMKMagic. Thanks guys.

Here's something a you may remember: The Trading Card Game
Click the underlined text to launch the game.

Trading Card Game

Thank you to those who appreciate and respect this site.


This is a walk through recreation of
VMK through its 3 year history.

Important Information:

Do not proceed if you have not read,
and agree to the following!

This will never be, nor was it meant to be, a MMOG
(Massive Multi-player Online Game) as was VMK;
it is just a way of remembering VMK.

Please note that these images, animations, and sounds were collected, cleaned and reproduced by myself for purely entertainment and personal enjoyment purposes only. Disney retains full copyright of these pieces, and I have absolutely no affiliation with Disney Company, Virtual Magic Kingdom, etc.

These are absolutely not to be redistributed for commercial use, or any other means that would infringe on Disney's copyrights. They are strictly meant for personal, private enjoyment, in remembrance of Virtual Magic Kingdom. Any request by the copyright owners (Disney or its affiliates) to remove this content will be promptly upheld.

Please do not redistribute. Although I obviously did not create the original game, I did spend countless hours on screen captures, cleaning, animating, programming, organizing, etc. Please ask before using this program as a whole or in part for any use that is not specifically provided for on this site (if you are not using it as launched from this site). It is not to be decompiled, deconstructed, or parted out in anyway.

Enjoy this in memory of a passing virtual amusement park.

GPVMK has taken a lot of my time and effort and it is clear that it is being taken by others for use in their programs without permission. Please respect my work on this project.

Thank you.


Inside the Magic Podcasts
Get your Disney pod cast on!


Thanks to Carioca for adding VMK revisited to the VMKpal program.

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Special Thanks

VMKpal Supported

Thanks to Carioca
for adding VMK Revisited to the VMKpal
menu area!

Thank you!

I would like to thank you all for your very kind words!

I am happy to provide this in the form of this site, to others, especially since I was planning on, and have made it for myself already. I was amazed to see how many found it the first full day it was open (June 6, 2008); there were over 500 unique viewers.

I may not answer all of your emails, but please know that I do appreciate them.

Thank you again.